From the Hardcore-esque Far to the straight-up pop punk of Gratitude, Jonah Matranga has dipped his toe in many genres and musical outlets. Heck, he even wrote a book! However, I am here to tell you about one of the several acts Jonah has gone under: Onelinedrawing.

The softer, more pop version of Jonah Matranga.

The simpler, sharp and bright version of Jonah Matranga, as heard throughout Tenderwild.

Opening track ‘Get A Dog’ starts Tenderwild calmly. It’s just guitars and Jonah’s voice washing over you with this crystal-like warmth, delivering lines like “And get to laugh when we get tangled up / And kiss the cuts when scars get opened up”.

“This is Water” is an instant classic, with its building chord progression, lyrical positivity and Jonah’s delivery. It comes through well when he sings “What you gonna bring”, leading into the pounding happiness of the chorus. Every time I hear it I find myself smiling and happy.

Tenderwild remains consistent throughout, with enough builds and falls to keep the ear guessing. Lyrically Jonah can form a rhyme like nobody’s business, all while still remaining true to what he is trying to say. It’s an admirable quality in a lyricist.

Another highlight is “Don’t Give Up”, featuring Chris Carrabba. Now if you know me then you know the mentioning of either Jonah or Chris gets me keen. Imagine my grin when I saw this collaboration. The picked acoustic serves as beautiful company to Jonah as brushes come in under the words ”Don’t give up, no matter what now”. It’s a haunting appeal sung tenderly as slide guitar adds to the scenery. Although Chris doesn’t have a “solo” so to speak, his urgent and soaring harmonies in the last two choruses add a contrasting, but just as urgent delivery to Jonah’s. It helps make the song both heartwarming and ear-warming.

Tenderwild is another stunning and memorable piece of the musical puzzle that is Jonah Matranga. From the shout out to weirdos like himself on “Serious Question” to singing about the absolute comfort you find in love on “You’re A Home”, the music is beautifully moving throughout.

Tenderwild is available here.