I have way too much to say about Jackpot Juicer but I’m going to make it short and to the point because the less time reading this means the more time you have to listen.

Jackpot Juicer opens with the symphonic “Untitled 2” luring you into an album that will have you reconsidering the phrase “genre bending”. Get ready for the highs of the clean vocals to the complex guitar riffs to the backbone drum and bass section to newest member Andrew’s smooth vocal section and guitar mastery and so much more.

You know that old saying “Too many cooks spoil the broth”? This isn’t the case here. Longtime producer Kris Crummett made sure every stroke, strum, hit and harmony are heard in every song. Because of his work each member’s addition get the attention it deserves.

Speaking of attention it deserves… Tim Feerick’s bass lines throughout Jackpot Juicer and how they worked guitarists and drummer Matt Mingus showed his forever-growing talent and importance in this band. RIP Tim. You brought light to so many people you never even met.

Within Jackpot Juicer each song keeps you wondering what’s next. One solid standout here is “Two Secret Weapon”‘s clean vocals and dreamy guitars setting you in a daze before being greeted with a record skip bringing some funked up distortion and classic Jon Mess delivery.

There are many more highlights I could be mentioning but I wouldn’t be doing Jackpot Juicer justice. I also don’t want my “ultra vivid” descriptions ruining the experience. That said, a few more parts that I can’t not mention are the hard punching chorus of “Pray To God For Your Mother” and the vocals leading into “Swallowed by Eternity”’s heavy section sounding like they were co-written by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber.

With Jackpot Juicer I have zero disappointment. Dance Gavin Dance keep you intrigued throughout. Whilst most don’t hit the four minute mark, they still remain huge where huge is best, full of intricacies and willing to take you on a musical journey. It’s a musical success.