The Lights from Outside is Melbourne based electronic artist, Analogue Sunset‘s (aka Liam Fitzgibbon) exploration of the relationship between mortality and anxiety the accompanying aspects of life that make it worth living.

Without one word sung the above statement rings true. 35 seconds of a beautiful soundscape sending your ears and emotions on a journey.

The song crawls through different dynamics hitting every emotion you feel and as the chorus kicks in with a scent of The National you find yourself humming and then eventually singing “THE LIGHTS FROM OUTSIDE KEEP US ALIVE”. Giving even the worst times a hope to shine.

The accompanying video is a collection of hundreds of hours of old home movies that have created a small snapshot of the human experience. Not only is the old school footage pleasant to look at it shows life in a vulnerable form but also one that is familiar. Comfort, home, family…

To top it off the video has been cut together so as when a new clip comes on it always enters on beat. I found this extra pleasurable to watch.

And if you love the song and clip as much as I do then you’re in luck. To celebrate the release Analogue Sunset is throwing a special Halloween party alongside fellow Melbourne artist Atalein. The night promises to be one filled with eerie electronica and spine-tingling synths all taking place upstairs at the Gasometer Hotel in Melbourne.

October 31st 2019
With special guest Nik Navy