I’m listening to “Not your Princess” and one of the first things that comes to my mind is “How would this sound without the vocal processing?”

It leaves me wondering, but I don’t think it would benefit the song in any way. The effects fit the song nicely. They’re prominent, but they give a little bit more bite to the words.

There’s a kind of flippancy to the lyrical delivery which belies a serious meaning. There’s a kind of anger and sharpness, but there’s also something celebratory that carries through; especially in the choruses. Essentially the delivery keeps the lyrics fun, but there’s a bit more to dig at if you want.

Underneath the vocals is a tune that has a lot of bounce to it. Various light electronic sounds come and go as required. They also only take up just enough space to give the song a bit of extra oomph.

Further underneath lies a thick, driving, but muted bass tone that fills out the bottom end nicely when needed. Sometimes it feels as though there’s a bit too much reliance on the bass, but otherwise it does a good job of helping driving things along.

All this to say that Theia’s crafted a slick bit of pop. It doesn’t drown or suffocate underneath its own production, gets in and gets out. “Not Your Princess” works pretty well as a small slice of music. Even though it’s a short song, it would be apparent if there was a dearth of content. Instead there’s just enough to hold attention and prevent the song from struggling to justify its length. On top of that, the melody is pleasant and light enough and it showcases that, despite vocal processing, Theia is a pretty strong vocalist.

So yeah. “Not Your Princess” is a pretty neat song.