I hadn’t heard of Sly Withers until I was sent this EP last week and after listening I was left upset. I was upset because I hadn’t had listened earlier. As soon as the ending melody of opening track Sad Guys chorus I was pretty sure I had found a new contender for release of the year. Sad Guys serves perfectly as an opening track as it builds and demonstrates what the band is going to do your ears for the next 6 songs.

Latest single Lately featuring Caria Geneve is a strong example of what I’ve been craving in music. Genuine. Punchy. Intricacies. And the melding of the two voices is smooth like butter. If you put The Hard Aches and Slowly Slowly into a room and made them have a shirtless pillow fight the noise you’d hear from the other room would be The Gravis EP. Fun and honest with riffs that stick in your head and melodies that aren’t predictable yet still memorable.

Comparisons aside Sly Withers have created something fresh and original with enough familiarity that will find this ep nestled in the ears of many genre lovers. And with this EP not really sticking to any one genre I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw this band pop up on many different festivals. If you know then you know I LOVE a good closing track and Sly Withers have not disappointed me with Checkout. A medium swing carries a story of a dude who is crushing hard. A cute story and a beautiful melody accompanied by a dynamic progression. This is a very awesome EP. I LIKE IT