Have you heard of Royston Vasie? If not, then now you can.

We’ve the opportunity to share the stream of their third album, Colour Springs From all the Gloomy Things.
Due to that, as you can see, here’s the stream of the album.

To slightly paraphrase information about the album:

“The album was recorded at Head Gap in Preston with Finn Keane (Wilco, Twerps). Colour Springs From all the Gloomy Things has introspective, subdued vocals, and the sound alludes to a dreamy underwatersoundscape. The album sees Royston Vasie moving away from prior influences of The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Here their inspiration comes from The Beachy Boys and the Australian surf scene of the eighties, à la The Sunnyboys.”

Colour Springs From all the Gloomy Things is a pretty laid-back, dreamy-sounding album. It has a straightforward execution and overall feels pretty fun and optimistic. The vocals are as gentle as everything else, and overall the songs flow quite well.

The album is available today.

Anyway, with that out of the way, check out the stream below.

Royston Vasie’s new album Colour springs From all the Gloomy Things is available now from here.