I recently sent off some questions to JUJ regarding the release of her single “Black Mirrors” as well as her upcoming EP.

Ez: Hi JUJ,

Hope all is well over there.

When crafting “Black Mirrors”, did the song come together from a subconscious space, or did you craft the song consciously and with a specific theme in mind?

JUJ: I wanted to write a song about my friends and my youth. As I was writing it I was witnessing so many of my friends on their phones complaining about the circumstances in our world, or why they couldn’t do this or that and not doing anything about it. I wanted this song to spark a fire in our youth to believe we can be the change we want to see in this world.

Ez: What is your interpretation of the message behind the lyrics in “Black Mirrors”?

JUJ: This song is an anthem to our generation to embrace these times and be the solution in today’s world. Being engulfed in our phones and not our surroundings will not create the change we wish to see. Our generation is a one of go-getters, and this song meant to inspire and empower us to chase our dreams.

Ez: You’ve an EP that’ll soon see release. How did the EP come about?

JUJ: When developing this project, I felt instead of releasing singles, I had a story i needed to tell throughout a complete body of work. I didn’t want to be another 19 year old writing about her ex-boyfriend. I wanted to tell my story. Yes, I am a teenager whose gone through heartbreak and writing about that comes easy, but I wanted my first impression on people to be something much more meaningful.

Ez: How does “Black Mirrors” fit in with the other songs, both thematically and sound-wise?

JUJ: What I really like about the EP is that each song has something different for everyone. Musically, no single song is the same. But thematically, they all communicate a positive message of empowering and inspiration to our youth.

Ez: Do you feel that you create music with live performance in mind, or with a studio recording in mind? Why?

JUJ: When creating music in the studio, I am always aware of the key in which I record, ensuring that it is within the comfort of my live vocal range.

Ez: How important do you feel it is to have the songs you’ve crafted translate well in a live setting?

JUJ: Very important. Each song should speak to me and if it doesn’t, I won’t put it out because it won’t translate authentically through my live performances. And I love storytelling and the ability to transport an audience to my journey. I always keep that in mind when writing.

Ez: How much of a role does a dynamic mix play when it comes to your music?

JUJ: A dynamic mix plays a huge role in my songs because of the beat drops and style of the music.

Ez: JUJ, thank you very much for your time. I hope the EP launch goes well and you have a fun time.