Recently Millie Turner released a single known as “Ride This Train”.
I was lucky enough to be afforded the opportunity to ask a few questions about the song.

Ez: Hi Millie!
Hope you’re having a good time.

What do you think it is that makes trains as imagery in music so appealing?

Millie: I love being on trains, there’s something about always moving, and racing through different places, it’s where I listen to music most. It’s as if at that moment you don’t belong to one place but many places. For me, it’s a metaphor for many things, looking for a destination, change, evolving as humans do, in different environments.

Ez: In what way does “Ride This Train” continue on from “Swimming Pool”?

Millie: Both are really interlinked, about feeling the world is against you sometimes. Ride this train is more the journey that takes place after swimming pool, where in a world which you feel is collapsing you chase the relief and hope .

Ez: “Ride This Train” is a song that feels like it gets to the point quickly. Was the decision to be direct intentional?

Millie: Unlike a lot of my songs, ride this train is way more direct with the lyrics, just because the concept is supposed to be empowering and direct lyrics can capture that the most.

Ez: The song also seems to keep building throughout its run. Was that a decision made to support the themes you were looking to get across?

Millie: Yeah, I’d say, to feel uplifted and empowered is a long process and isn’t straight forward, people are constantly growing and learning. I wanted to capture the journey it takes to the feeling of liberation. I think it’s specific to learning what it is to be a young woman today, and this journey being so important and prominent. It’s an emotional journey in my experience.

Ez: Lastly, in what way does the music video coalesce with “Ride This Train”?

Millie: I wanted to capture a sisterhood, where we uplift and support each other through movement and dance, that reminisces with the song being about this girl seeking some sort of answer and purpose.

Ez: Thank you for your time.

I hope the song does well for you.