Following on from the progressive release of a few singles, KAYEX have now put out their first e.p. Tempus in LA.

I asked them about the EP; they were happy to respond.

Ez: Good morning KAYEX!
Hope the weather’s not too hot for you today.

How did Tempus in LA come about?

KAYEX: Well, the title of the EP translates to “Time in LA”… so while we were over there writing and meeting people it became more and more obvious that we didn’t want to keep releasing singles. It only felt right that we share a complete body of work that reflects our trip to LA so people can really get an idea of what the boys were up to.

Ez: Please correct me if I’m wrong, but it doesn’t seem as though any of your singles were included on this EP. Was that due the EP seeming to be concept-centric, or just a desire to save them for another release?

KAYEX: Our latest single “Tempus I: Electric Fire” is actually the first track on the EP but yes you’re pretty much spot on. The plan was to keep this EP isolated because it truly is a reflection of a specific time in both of our lives. Don’t worry though, the rest of our catalogue and earlier singles will make appearances on our debut album next year.

Ez: What do you think Tempus in LA is trying to get across to an audience?

KAYEX: This EP for us is a real chance to share our journey as mates from Western Australia traveling all over the world chasing our dream. A lot of the sounds and ideas were heavily inspired in LA by the things we were hearing on the local radio and also in creative sessions with other writers. We had the time of our lives in LA so hopefully that message resonates with listeners. We want people feel like they’re a part of “Kayex Life” while they’re listening to Tempus in LA.

Ez: Do you think that the EP works best as an EP, or do you think it would’ve worked better as an album, and why?

KAYEX: EP for sure. This is what we have always spoken about in terms of release plans from years ago. Singles to begin, then an EP, then album. We both feel super passionate about releasing bodies of work moving forward too…

Ez: Considering the sound you produce sounds predominantly electronic in nature, what is it about your sound that you think works for the EP?

KAYEX: You’ll hear flavours from extremely different genres coming through on this EP. Both of us love completely opposite styles of music and we love that. Makes for a very experimental and random creative process in the studio. Dry hip hop influenced drums on filthy rock n roll baselines with funky/pop vocals… haha that’s Tempus in LA.

Ez: Compared to your previous releases, do you think that the EP represents a more, or less structured form of KAYEX?

KAYEX: Definitely similar flavours to previous releases but obviously a little more variety. When people think about KAYEX we want them to think exactly that…variety. We love making music that crosses genres and pushes the boundaries, where one song will be completely different to the next. Almost like its a different band…but not. You never know what you’re going to get when you listen to KAYEX haha.

Ez: Thank you for your time.


Ez: I hope that the EP does well, and you enjoy the warmer weather.