Recently Karlou released stmf (sorry to my friends); I was afforded the opportunity to ask Karlou about the EP.

Ez: Hello Karlou!
I hope your day is going most smoothly.
What is it about this particular style of music that you feel best emphaises what you’re expressing?

Karlou: I feel that pop music in general is such a wide style of music these days. I originally started in a completely different genre of music but when I started writing, I navigated towards pop as I felt like it was a genre when my creativity wasn’t confined to the genre I was performing. I definitely go through phases as a songwriter, depending on my emotional state at the time and this EP is a collection of angst, sadness, happiness and contentment.

Ez: How did you go about working the themes you wanted to express into a cohesive collection of songs?

Karlou: I really wanted this EP to reflect my personality in more than just one light. I wanted it to resonate with my audience and wanted them to feel something, whether they were going through a break up, falling in love, letting go of friendships and I wanted them to feel like they knew me on a personal level by letting them into all of those aspects from my life.

Ez: Was there any second-guessing about how the songs worked with each other, or were you pretty confident with that aspect?

Karlou: To be honest, I was second-guessing putting ‘Dopamine Kit’ on the EP as it was just so different from all of my other tracks. As much as it is an easy-going, chill track, it also exudes a vulnerable energy around being an anxious wreck but having someone love me through it, thick and thin.

Ez: How have you found the audience reaction? Is it what you hoped for?

Karlou: It has been such an amazing reaction to the EP so far! We have been playing most of the tracks at the shows before it came out and everyone got around them then, so we are super excited to hit the road and play them now to an audience who knows them!

Ez: Lastly, how do you feel about the songs now that smtf has been out for around a month? Do you feel they are still yours, or that they now belong to your audience?

Karlou: We’re a month in and it’s clocked over 110k Spotify streams on the EP so I’m super stoked that people are listening to it! As much as I will always have a deep connection to the songs, they’re out in the world now and whoever needs to hear them, will! I can’t wait to play them live and see how everyone has connected with them!

Ez: Thank you for your time Karlou. I hope smtf achieves in full what you set out for it to.