Image © Jonathan Key / Mercury KX

ZoneOut Festival is just around the corner.

The event’s focus is on neoclassical music and will see a few different artists performing.

I was afforded the opportunity to ask one of the artists performing – Anatole – about their thoughts on the festival.

Ez: Hello!

What does playing a festival mean for you?

Anatole: Playing a festival means being able to be alongside artists I respect and potentially reach new audiences that otherwise would not be exposed to my music.

Ez: What kind of importance do you think a festival such as ZoneOut holds?

Anatole: I think ZoneOut holds importance for taking a risk and championing a new genre of music in the festival space. The whole sound of the day is one that is to be immersed in and I couldn’t imagine a better setting for that than carriageworks.

Ez: Sound-wise, what are you looking to add to ZoneOut?

Anatole: I’m looking to add a little more punch to the festival. My music is all about contrast and tone colour so I’m looking forward to adding some punishing bass alongside calm and ambient textures to keep the audience on their toes.

Ez: What do you feel will be the easiest part of playing the festival?

Anatole: The easiest part is playing along with my new band! They are absolute legends and it’s so much fun playing with them – every run through has been a new set and it’s such a joy to see where the sounds take us each time.

Ez: What do you feel will be the most challenging thing you’ll have to face at the festival?

Anatole: I honestly don’t know – this style of music is all about problem solving in the moment so I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it!

Ez: Thank you for your time.
I hope you have a satisfying experience.