There are many, MANY earphones out there and Nura, a company founded by scientists looking to provide a high quality audio product, are but one creator. However, in a move to offer people something more, Nura will soon release Bluetooth-based earphones that support playing lossless audio.

For quite a few people this is a pretty big advantage when it comes to listening to music whilst out; my understanding is that NuraTrue Pro is the first set of Bluetooth earphones to support the detailed range that lossless audio promises.

There are also a few other features to NuraTrue Pro that are worth checking out if you’re looking for something new or getting earphones for the first time. It’s also good to make informed decisions and so a good starting point to find out more is through the Kickstarter which is being used for pre-ordering. If you’re not looking to get them now but at a later date, Nura will sell them directly through their website.

With that said, check out the below photos of cool people looking cool whilst wearing NuraTrue Pro earphones: