Brianne Berkson and Miguel Gluckstern, known under their stage name BriGuel, have just released a new music video, entitled ‘No One Really Knows.’ The NYC couple duo dropped their latest song to shed a light on the challenges currently surfacing around the globe. Their goal was to enlighten listeners to never take anything or any day for granted because life is filled with so many ups and downs. Live in the moment and be thankful for each morning you have the opportunity to open your eyes. This is the second hit the couple has launched with a concentration on their holistic and consciousness mindful thinking. Previously, BriGuel released another thought provoking hit and documentary called ‘The Difference.’

Now, in their latest hit, ‘No One Really Knows,’ the couple has yet again collaborated with holistic rapper, Andres Gonzales and created another one hit wonder. In the song, the duo elaborates on the fact that worrying too much will not help in the challenging situation you may be situated in right now.

One way to overcome worrying is to calm your mind and see the world more clearly. The artist couple metaphorically describes this and mindfulness by not worrying too much about tomorrow. The music video that is filmed in simple and comforting shots focuses the viewer’s attention on what is happening in the present moment. The song concludes with the artists showing us that when you are mindful, you are fully in touch with your own reality because the present moment is where reality is taking place.

What’s next for this dynamic duo you may ask? Well, rumor has it that the couple will be dropping their first EP very soon. BriGuel has been working so hard in the studio and simultaneously raising their first child at the same time. Nothing can stop this artist couple and we cannot wait to see what is yet to come!