Under the name Mo•Louie, Mo•Louie recently released “Signs”, a song that isn’t about Signs but rather about looking for Signs, a theme that Mo•Louie covers in the song “Signs” which the below is about.

“Signs” starts low, cool, calm and collected and it stays that way throughout. In a sense it’s a minimal song in that there’s not a lot going on in the sounds behind the vocals. Even in the “louder” moments the sounds keep their chillness going. There are few flourishes; few bells and whistles. There’s an energy to them but it’s not overt, nor excessive; just really sort of “at the back” stuff. The bass is prominent in parts – perhaps a little too much – but it’s not constant; the song keeps things hushed.

Vocally is where “Signs” focuses and it’s here where the song really shines. That’s not to take away from the instrumentation which does a great job of keeping space and providing support; it’s just the vocals are front-and-centre and there are no two ways about it.

Anyway, often lines are short and direct whilst working with vocoding to different degrees throughout. Regarding the vocoding, Mo•Louie uses it like how someone might paint. Sometimes it’s more gentle and subtle; sometimes it’s on really thick. It does get harsh in places, though only briefly. Most of the time it’s pretty smooth.

Regarding the lyrical directness, it’s not a blunt strike; it’s more of a gentle, yet firm statement. None of it comes off as awkward or rough; the words flow out with a smoothness that’s appreciable for the meaning and intent. In a sense if feels conversational, or at least suggestive of conversation.

“Signs” keeps things pretty simple and straightforward but you could dig into it a bit. However, saying that feels a bit throwaway and doesn’t really acknowledge that Mo•Louie is looking to perhaps understand rather than state. It’s a direct and subtle song. It doesn’t go hard in everything, even though it could. It doesn’t try to oversell itself; it feels like every part supports every other part. Overall it’s a song that works well as it is, and that’s great.