La Dispute have released 2 new tracks from their forthcoming album Panorama (dropping March 22nd 2019) just in time for their latest Australian tour dates which kick off this Friday at the inaugural Good Things Festival in Melbourne.
The two songs ‘Rose Quartz’ and ‘Fulton Street I’ have been presented as a single work and brought to life in an accompanying animation, created and directed by Sarah Schmidt. ‘Rose Quartz’, the instrumental first track from upcoming release is a clear introduction to the mood we can expect from the album, running just over 1 minute before transitioning into ‘Fulton Street I’, where we get the first real taste of what is to come on Panorama and the themes that will be contained in the record.
La Dispute are true to form on ‘Rose Quartz’ and ‘Fulton Street I’; tranquil and gentle beginnings start to build as the first track bleeds into the second and continues to intensify. Vocalist Jordan Dreyer transitions from melodic spoken word into his signature husk-laden screams and the instrumentation builds to a crescendo. As the song ascends Schmidt’s mind-melting animation keeps pace with the music perfectly. Thematically ‘Fulton Street I’ also stays true to the bands history of writing about dark subjects like death and distress and the contrasts between the city and the wilderness.
“Found a body at the rest stop
Buried in the woods beneath
The garbage and leaves
Workers clearing overgrowth
Saw hidden in the brush
Just beyond the line of the trees
A jawbone and teeth
Winter into spring on Fulton Street”
The song essentially being a commentary of Dreyer’s experience of seeing constant signs of death on the roadside; speaking to NPR about the song Dreyer says;
“Rose Quartz” is a bright white light, then the low hum of tires on a country highway; “Fulton Street I” is two heads in the car turning quietly at passing landmarks, plywood monuments with plastic flowers and the stories that populate the stretch of road between two places. Together, they’re the first two tracks on a record born from long drives like that, between a new and an old home, that takes a wide-angled shot of a city and just outside of it. How events there linger on in the memory of all those involved, carrying the characters off in thoughts of grief and healing to other planes and other histories. Everything on the record started with that image — and with the feeling of drifting off in thought toward different worlds — and with this piece, which was written largely in one setting after having scrapped nearly a full album’s worth of material.” – NPR
With the track listing for Panorama already available, the abrupt ‘cut-off’ ending on ‘Fulton Street I’ seems indicative that following track, ‘Fulton Street II’ will connect to part one in the same seamless fashion heard in these first two offerings.
Panorama is available for pre-order now.
La Dispute begin their Australian tour this Friday December 7th;