Kim Churchill’s “Outta Love”! Or is he?

So this is a folksy, light-hearted song. Got that old, worn-out sound that makes things feel a little bit more nostalgic. At first. The intro is quite deceptive and implies a more relaxed and perhaps nostalgic song.

Then the beat comes in and the song gets a different kind of definition. Suddenly it becomes a bit more “Indie Twee”, so to speak. Steady, kind of well-paced beat that spaces up a bit in the “choruses”. It’s a nice shift in pace as it gives the song a bit more shape.

The verses get really wordy which kind of throws things off, but they manage to fit with the rhythm. It creates this sensation of missing stuff, as though it’s all going by too quickly, but clarity remains which is rather appreciated.

Enunciation is of course key and Kim Churchill enunciates well. He carries a tune nicely and emotes with all the emotion that is necessary for the song to work. Nothing over or underboard; it’s all right in place with what goes on with the instrumentation.

There are some more ambient sounds, some slight extra synth that follows the vocals in parts of the choruses and overall the song feels heartfelt. Everything about it is neat and tidy and it really holds a strong sense of romance.

That doesn’t really say much about “Outta Love” which ultimately is fine. Everything about it is just enough; the guitar work doesn’t overstep, the synth doesn’t overstep and the percussion doesn’t overstep. Everything does what it needs to do and nothing more. It’s clear that the focus is on Kim Churchill’s voice over anything else, so his solidly consistent performance is very much in service of the song.

Overall you’re getting something that works as a song and provides a pleasant listen.