Karmel Jäger’s Your Love is the (currently) latest release from Karmel Jäger, and it features the song “Your Love”. It also features three remixes of “Nowhere To Go”.

Your Love‘s opening song, “Your Love” sets tone well enough. You’ve these soft sounds sort of shifting about before a hard beat comes in, perhaps suggesting a build to a release. Then behold! A shift in what the song is doing and the vocals come in and the song becomes more clubby. For a bit.

“Your Love” plays around a fair bit with percussion and synth; it doesn’t completely stick to one thing which keeps it feeling adventurous. However, the way it moves and transforms makes it feel more like part of a megamix than its own song. It also feels more like trying to feel and work something out more than something solidified, which works in some places. It also feels like a furthering of some of the stuff on “Nowhere To Go”.

Speaking of, the interpretations of “Nowhere To Go” are a pleasing inclusion. The Berlin Mix feels quiet, though punchy. It’s energetic, has this fragmented, sort of relaxed and daydreaming feel… mostly. The ANDI A. remix is probably the most “club” of the tracks here, but it too has this relaxed flow to it. the ToofBreax Remix aggressively focus on beat and almost entirely removes itself from its originating context. It offers the most detached viewpoint and is interesting in that regard.

Your Love comes off more like a single than it does an EP, but that’s fine. You get a combination of high and low energy in “Your Love” and the remixes of “Nowhere To Go” offer interesting views on the one song. Overall the ep provides easy music; not too heavy or thick, and focusing more on the instrumentation than the vocals. There are some interesting ideas going on with “Your Love” and it’ll be interesting to see as to what will happen to them later down the track, as in ways this feels more like Karmel Jäger is trying to feel out some things. It’s uncertain, but it’s pleasant enough.

Your Love is available here.