On the opening seconds of “Marrow”, I had a strong reaction that I seldom get from music. From that point on, I was entirely in the hands of Jealous of the Birds for the rest of Wisdom Teeth.

Wisdom Teeth has a great rolling quality to it. The songs move with a kind of ease and grace not often found in smaller releases. They sound both familiar and comfortable with each other, essentially inhabiting the same world.

It helps that, whilst there’s a good deal of layering, it doesn’t go into excess. So much of Wisdom Teeth displays when to double up and layer and when not to. Obviously layering is pretty common in music and not always noticeable. It is noticeable here, but it isn’t distracting. A lot went into making the layering work. The vocals have ex, and the songs sound thicker and more voluminous when required. Where the layering really pays off is, in not going into excess there’s still plenty of breathing space. As such the songs sound more dynamic and rich.




What also benefits the songs is that Jealous of the Birds avoids the easy grab. Wisdom Teeth is an expressive release, but it’s one that’s content with not beating you over the head with how you should feel. There are some directions, but the songs are content with letting you journey through them. They don’t pull you about or drag you around. Instead they welcome you into their sounds and melodies.

What Jealous of the Birds has crafted is an EP that reaches out to connect with its listener. On that front, it is a success. Wisdom Teeth is also something easy to listen to. There’s energy there if someone wants to find it. If looking for relaxing moments, then those are also on offer.

All of this is part of why I had a strong reaction to the music. Those first few seconds caught my attention very quickly and in turn showed me a really beautiful experience. There was something comforting that I couldn’t put my finger on, but it was definitely there. What I heard (and am still hearing as I write this) is something that is neither cheap nor cynical. This is moving music, rich in sound and beauty.

Jealous of the Birds’ Wisdom Teeth can be found here.