Emery is not so much a family name as it is one that will prick up the ears of melodic hardcore lovers everywhere. They’re a band unafraid to progress and constantly keep fans on their toes; Rub Some Dirt On It remains consistent with this approach, though the opening track ‘You Stole God From Me’ will sooth the souls of the OG fans.

Keeping steady with the changing styles, vocalist Toby Morrell swaps between screams and cleans like a stay at home parent; something of which is displayed perfectly in “Enemy”. We then wander into a softer number; “Said Enough”‘s sweet melody eases the intensity for a moment and Morrell gets a chance to show his softer melodic side. To make things more enjoyable there is a sweet Taking Back Sunday lyric callback (“Like Fred said ‘I’ve got a bad feeling about this'”).

Halfway through we come to what I am calling one of the top songs of ’22, “Don’t Waste Your Breath”. The band takes direction away from technical to straight up rock, or dare I say power pop? The chorus, being the catchiest part of the album, stays in your head for days to come.

There is no settling when it comes to the styles of music Emery display on Rub Some Dirt On It; At twenty-one years into their career they’re unwilling to fall victim to repeating themselves. From the vulnerable and stripped back “Wizard” to the theatrical styling of “Stranger” this album is the epitome of those “don’t let them know your next move” videos.

Rub Some Dirt On It remains consistent and enjoyable throughout its forty-three minutes. As someone who’s not paid too much attention to Emery I would say this album has made me take a deep dive into their back catalogue and enjoy what I find.

Rub Some Dirt On It is available here.
See the album performed live here.