New Jersey native singer-songwriter Em recently released her debut self-titled album. It’s filled with confidence, originality, boldness, and everything you’d want to play while driving down the coast to the beach.

The album starts off with a track called ‘Hear Your Love’. The track introduces Em as a seductive and soothing persona where she is yearning for the love she once had due to how it made her feel.

‘On Time’ has an upbeat tempo that showcases the versatility in Em’s craft. With a slight pop nuance, this track will have you moving along and feeling good at the moment. Through singing with beauty and grace, the richness of Em’s vocals presents really well here.

Next on the album comes a wonderfully tuned and lyrically relatable track called ‘You Yourself and I.’ In this song, Em graciously describes her experience with love. Most times it’s easy to get caught up in the idea of love instead of actually being in love. The song talks about how love should be something that we hold on and are kind to. Love and affection is a work of art, and Em just wants to transport that to her one and only.

‘Even When It Hurts’ is one of my favorites! Em’s honesty and realism in her lyrics makes anyone who listens to it relate to what she is going through. Bold strings enhance the song whilst she sings about how one cannot know pleasure before knowing pain. Although one may encounter fabricated people in life, you must stay true to yourself, be honest with your feelings, and love the person you are and have become.

‘Say What You Mean’ takes you on a spiritual journey through love with heartwarming musicality and bold lyrics. Em doesn’t want to hear lies anymore; She has reached a point where she wants that special person to be honest with her. The relaxing and soulful hymns urge all listeners to relax and be truthful in life.

Picture this; It’s a warm summer day and there’s a slight breeze in the air as you’re driving with your favorite person to the seaside shore. A charismatic and spiritually-awakening song comes on the radio and you can’t help but sway in motion to the tropical melodies. This is the exact scenario one needs to listen to Em’s charming single ‘Blue Light’ to get the full effect.

Lastly, the silver-haired singer concludes her collection with the marvelous ‘Dear Life’. The song is a homage to the different experiences one may go through in life. At the end of the day, what matters to Em is that those who surround her are truthful, honest, and kind to one another. It may be hard, but we must hold onto our dear lives regardless of all obstacles.